Our client and his wife own a 1930’s tudor with a roughly 200 sq ft kitchen.  We replaced all plumbing and electrical, removed a dividing wall, added a structural support beam, bricked in a window, added new larger windows, drywalling, new cabinets, wall tile, and refinished the hardwood floors trapped under layers of laminate.  All photos are courtesy of the homeowner.

He says, “A few highlights about our experience: –attention to cleanliness: The crew cleaned the work sites after every day’s work, and their care in this regard made our living in the house during the project as easy as it could be. They used all of the professional equipment (floor covers, zipper walls, etc). Other contractors we’ve hired have not always done this. –responsiveness: Though Chuck is a very busy guy, he always finds a way to get in contact with you, even at odd hours. We had weekly check-in meetings, and every major decision or change was run through us before execution. –professionalism: Every crewman and subcontractor had the same level of professionalism as the HSP core crew–top notch.”